Film, Portraiture, Women

La Fille Inconnue

Photographer: Willem van den Heever (IG: @WillemDafilm,

From Willem:

The photographs I create are my way of trying to make sense of this utterly confusing mess some call life. There are a lot of things I feel and emotions I experience that I’ve always struggled to explain or found words for, I recently found an alternative way to try and express those emotions; through images mostly created on film. I try to forge meaning in everything, thus the same with the photos I create. No matter the medium of the art, I always try to tell stories, either personal or of the people I meet on my travels that inspire me. Sometimes my photos are about trying to tell these stories in a single image, but a lot of times it’s more about trying to convey a certain emotion or moment that either happened when the photo was taken, or a feeling or moment once had and now buried by the subconscious. I’m a freelance filmmaker by day and find bliss in the open road and traveling.