35mm, Color, Film, Street Photography

These Colors Taste Like Music

Photographer: Taylor Hill (IG: @thisistaylorhill)
Faceless Polaroid Model: Chase McShea (IG: @chasemcshea)
Faceless 35mm Model: Don Phan
Location: Asbury Park, NJ, US

I am Taylor Hill — musician, model, actor, artist. I currently live in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Music has always been my first expressive medium of choice, however film photography is something I grew very fond of at age 15. I started shooting 35mm on an Argus C3. Sometimes music cannot express the way a photo can and eternally hold this expression and vice versa. Shades of the spectrum have mood, a story, and taste which will flow to mind intrinsically. There is sound in these colors and these colors taste like music.

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