35mm, Color, Film, NSFW, Portraiture, Women

Gowanus (Installment 1)

Photographer Atisha Paulson and Model Melina DiMarco Make Magic

Model: Melina DiMarco — melinadimarco
Photographer: Atisha Paulson (IG: @atishapaulson)
Stylist: Jess Mederos (IG: @jess_mederos)
Hair: Rachel Potila (IG: @rachelpotilahair)
Makeup: Roberto Casey (IG: @robertocasey)
Location: Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, NY, US

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melina is amazing. it’s so rewarding to work with someone who has a similar sense of style + taste.

this is our 5th project together. we shot it at my friend’s loft in Gowanus, Brooklyn. i had been there once before and when i saw the space, i knew i had to find a way to shoot melina in it.

my friend jess and i had recently worked on a project for new york mag; she’s the most amazing stylist. i showed her the photos of the loft and asked her if she wanted to style the shoot. she said yes.

we got roberto and rachel to do the hair and makeup. they had just done such an amazing job for our TREATS! shoot.

i shot the story on a contax g2 with kodak portra 400 film.

when i got home and showed my wife the work, she said, “i didn’t even know you could take such beautiful photos.” it was the highest compliment she’s ever given me. to this day, i still think it’s some of the best work i’ve done, mostly because everyone + everything involved was the best case scenario. that hardly ever happens, but when it does, well….

[Click here to see the second installment of this beautiful series ▸]

Atisha and Melina work beautifully together. A very talented photographer and a creative, stunning beauty. When the photographer and model align perfectly, wonderful photos are the result.

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