35mm, Black and White, Double Exposure, Film, Self-Portraiture, Women

Just Like the Moon and the Trees

Wonderful, emotional double-exposed film images created by talented photographer Iosune de Goñi from the Basque Country.

Photographer: Iosune de Goñi — instagram.com/iosunedegoni

From Iosune:

“The photos are from a film I exposed twice: the first time was in 2018, in the onset of my illness, and the second one at the end of 2020. At the beginning, I started taking self-portraits when I had my period, and some photos of the moon. I wanted to explore the transformations of my body in relation to the cycles of the moon, and my intention was to put the film again and keep taking the same kind of photos. However, I was unable to take photos for a long time, and then, when I started shooting again (at the end of 2020) I took that film and tried to look at the new person I had become, and its new landscapes. It was still a project about transformation and self-knowledge, but it had become something else: a question about the trace of time and how it changes us, how we are constantly being transformed, and dissolved, and trying to know who we are. Just like the moon and the trees.”

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