35mm, Color, Film, Street Photography

Gazes of My Soviet Camera

Photographer: Ella Kanegarian (https://instagram.com/cookingfeminist)
Locations: Yerevan, Armenia and Roma, Italy
Camera: Zenit 12 CD (1988)

From Ella:

“Gazes of my Soviet Camera” is a series of randomly taken photos of places and people in small or big cities. All shot with Zenit 12 CD (1988). Mostly these photos are expressing the moods of devastation and loss, which is typical for megapolisian spaces.

Photos are taken in two locations: Yerevan (Armenia) — a post-Soviet space, which is somehow balancing between the past soviet ideology traces and the present, full of consumeristic ideas a to-be megapolis, where people still keep the memories of cute, small city life — and Rome, a big megapolis with the typical functions and moods.

All films after the processing are put outside to get a natural, untidy look. All films used are Kodak. This, the usage of film — which is considered as an unprofessional and deliberately untidy look — is a way to fight against the oppression of glamorous, tidy pictures, creating an unnatural, retouched image, which injure our perception of reality.