Color, Portraiture, Women

She Ate Her Culture

Photographer: Brigitte Stanford (,
Model and Assistant: Josemarie Nyagah
Stylist: Maddie Magner
Make Up & Hair: Kristin Møgster
Assistant: Maddie Wills
Location: Farm Film Productions Studio, Cape Town, South Africa

From Brigitte:

South Africa is a mix of so many different cultures at the moment and interbreeding of those cultures. Do people still have one cuture or is it a combination of everything? This images explores that. Are we forced to inhabit the same culture as our parents or can we start a fresh.

The Model “Jose” is a strong Kenyan Women who wants to be a Director of Photography in a world that is dominated by men. She is currently studying at AFDA Film School in Cape Town and wants to take what she learns here back home to Kenya and grow the film industry there. I was inspired by the feminine strength that that I saw in her which resonated in myself.

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