35mm, Black and White, Film, Portraiture, Street Photography

Tourist Study

Photographer: Adam Grace (adamgracephotography.com, https://instagram.com/adam.analog)

“As a society I’ve noticed we’ve moved from taking photos while traveling to traveling for the sake of the photos themselves. This set explores the stereotypical tourist. Those who likely travel miles and miles from home only to remain behind a screen or a stick so they can feign an air of culture to their virtual fan base. Now I’m not blind to the irony that I myself am only mirroring this behavior in a different light, so I wish to only present these images in a lighthearted way. In no way do I pass judgment on to the individuals photographed here, only the general concept of tourism as a whole. These images are inspired by my constant surroundings by traveling, are all shot on 35mm Ilford HP5 rolls, and in completely candid situations.”