Black and White, Disposable Camera, Film, photojournalism

Rediscovery: My Disposable Camera Project

Photographer: Brittany Kelley (IG: @brittanykelleydesign)

From Brittany:

When I first began shooting photographs, I (like many others) started out shooting on a disposable camera. My chief objective was not the technicalities of photography, but rather capturing a distinct moment, the allure of a place, or emotional content. I did not stress the technicalities of photography because, at the time, I did not have the experience. As I became more familiar with the world of photography, my photographic work became less about the art, and more about the equipment I used. With the amount of shooting, deleting, and photo-shopping I was doing in my digital photography work, I felt as if I was unwittingly taking myself away from the art itself. In an effort to seek liberation in my work, and to find an artistic edge I felt was missing in my photographs, I decided to take a bit of a break from the digital photography age.

In my series Rediscovery, I put away my DSLR, my lenses, and various other digital camera equipment that I own, and I replaced all of those items with a disposable camera. It is incredibly exonerating to expose the beautiful imperfections of a photo realistically. The digital age, though it has its perks, can tend to enhance many aspects of life to make them appear to be greater than they may actually be. For me, my primary goal in my photography work is to create art. The less I think about the camera settings, the more I think about capturing the meaningful aspects of my photography such as emotion, composition, imperfection, and beauty.