Color, Street Photography

The Quiet Zone

UK Photographer Suzi Williams Wright Documents the Places and Belongings People Leave Behind

Photographer: Suzi Williams Wright (; IG: @suziwilliamswright)

Visit the home of the ongoing project here: The Quiet Zone

“England is scattered with abandoned buildings, as are most countries these days. Whether it’s industries that have closed due to unforeseen circumstances or homes left to rot away after the occupants have passed and with no one left to claim their belongings for memories sake. What ever the reason for their demise it’s usually a sad one.

“After my first visit to one of these places, it was the quietness of these buildings that really grabbed me. It was this feeling which inspired me to find and photograph these places before they vanished for good. Even in busy cities they still had a stillness about them and a certain sense of peace.

“A life was lived here, sometimes a hard one. Peace resides within them now and only the contents remain.”

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