Color, LGBT, Portraiture


Photography & Creative Concept: Elvira Nisman —;

Model: LaQuéfa St. Laurent —

Styling & Assistant: Diamond Ariel —

Set-runner: Jan Oliver —

Jewelry (Necklaces):
Headpieces and Scrunchies:
Tops and Pants by, curated by JUNO JUNO Shop
Green Jumpsuit: Topshop
White Blazer: Vintage curated by Diamond Ariel
Black Skirt: Vintage curated by Diamond Ariel

Our Photostory named “Laquefa” is divided into two parts.

The first look is an homage to LaQuéfa’s roots. The turban stands for Africa (Angola) where LaQuéfa was born and raised and the high-fashion green-coloured suit stands for Europe (Germany) where LaQuéfa grew up. The look is an overall high-fashion look with a touch of Laquéfa! So it shows her roots and her place where she’s living now.

In the second part we let LaQuéfa reinvent herself and plunge in the shiny glitter world of the 70s, but still in a modern way, influenced by Beyonce’s sex appeal.

LaQuéfa embodies the beauty of eternal graze, playing so with aesthetic and elegance with sex appeal, sensitivity, healing and gender roles.

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