Color, Self-Portraiture, Women


Marvelous exploratory self-portraits by very talented photographer and set designer Jaina Cipriano.

Photographer: Jaina Cipriano —;

“My photographic practice is an exploration of the lost self utilizing set design and self portraiture. It is a way of communicating with a silent part of myself. I grew up in a family with silent mental illness that was cocooned inside of a cult and these two intense polarities left me feeling unreal. And the solid parts of myself that I have easy access to are painful – obsessive thoughts, global anxiety and phobias. Creating these works put me in new pockets of my mind, connecting me to who I am without the heavy influence of my past. I am mapping the darkness of my psyche, illuminating new areas and eliminating fear. The cult kept me in a vacuum and without human interaction all I had was the space around me and I played pretend a lot as a child. Now I build my own spaces, ones that reflect my inner state and make me feel safe.”

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