I Want to Believe

Photographer: Éirinn Lou Riggs — instagram.com/get.filthy/; filthyart.space/
Stylist: Emily Darling — instagram.com/groovyqurl
Models: Emily Darling; Bylli Hayward — instagram.com/bylli.hayward

Just as all living beings are made up of biological compounds and chemical reactions, so too does film create new worlds by way of science. It is within the mysterious world of light that environments as we know them can shift and change, color can transform, and new narratives unfold. This set is brought on by an influence of luminescence and the reaction of sunshine on Lomochrome Purple film—constructed to emulate infrared film, a process developed in the early 1900s to detect people in camouflage amid trees and leaves. Cameras can read between the lines in a way that the human eye sometimes cannot, catching brief moments of intimacy, or occasionally, something otherworldly.