35mm, Color, Film, NSFW, Portraiture, Women

At Home

Photographer: Sophia Schultz (https://instagram.com/erotocado, CargoCollective)
Model: Erin

From Sophia:
I created this series of photos with one of my close friends in my neighborhood during college. A lot of the houses in my neighborhood were going through construction and demolishing older beach homes, but there was this one house on the water that drew me in. I would bike around my neighborhood for hours seeking out locations and found this house. I decided to bring my friend Erin and my Pentax camera the next day. Taking photos of close friends for me allows for greater comfort and intimacy. I believe that a different side of someone shows through to the camera if the model is with someone they are comfortable with. The funny story to this set was that the shoot abruptly stopped when a construction worker spotted us — me taking photos and Erin nude — on the 2nd floor. He kept yelling that he was going to call the police, and we quickly grabbed everything, Erin got dressed, and we climbed down the rafters while the construction worker was coming up the stairs. It was a whole scene. I think the photos were worth the adventure.