Color, Self-Portraiture, Women

Dermatillomania and Me, Pt. 1

I dig into my skin
to make sure I’m still alive
that this body still bleeds

I need control
the pain I feel
mental vs. physical
it’s all the same

I want to feel
these thoughts
buried deep inside me
leaving scars

I am reminded
every morning
when I look in the mirror
what they do to me

– c.m.

Photographer: Colleen Morgan —;

This is a self portrait series exploring the relationship between body image and body dysmorphic disorder – dermatillomania. I was diagnosed with this disorder when I was 21, after having it the majority of my life. It has affected my body image and how I view myself, and wanted to create a project that represented that. It has been a big part of my life but just recently have become more comfortable talking about my experiences with this disorder.