35mm, Color, Portraiture, Women

Under Production

Photographer Michael Kuby Creates Bold, Playful, Vibrant Portraits of Model Kenna


Photographer: Michael Kuby (michaelkuby.com, IG: @kuby)
Stylist: Michael Kuby/Calvin Alexander
Clothing: Zara
Make-up: Calvin Alexander
Hair: Calvin Alexander
Model: Kenna of (IG: @kenzie_j16, Mode Models)

From Michael Kuby:

Under Production is about raw spontaneity, playfulness, and a candid approach to shooting in the studio. Based loosely on the snapshot style of Juergen Teller, the series downplays the importance of elaborate lighting or even technical perfection, while focusing on the importance of graphic emotion, play between contrast in colour, and evocative and creative expression via the model.

Camera: Nikon F100 35mm Film Camera
Film: Kodak Portra 160
Process: Film developed, negatives scanned, and shoot produced by Michael Kuby