35mm, Black and White, Film


Photographer: Shashang Iyer (https://instagram.com/shashang_iyer, shashangiyer.com)
Venue: Center for Environment Education (CEE)
Architect: Neelkanth Chhaya
Camera: Zenza Bronica
Film: Efke KB 50 (120mm)
Process: D-76 10 min (Self-Processed)

“I shot this beautiful Architecture in Ahmedabad (India) it is the office of Center for Environment Education (CEE) its a NGO working on Environmental matters and the architecture is Designed in such a way that no tree or plant had to be cut of while making it and even the trees where not cut they allowed the tree to grow from between the offices. I would like to share this Film Photography as it has the amazing Grey Harmony all over the photos clicked.”