35mm, Color, Film, Portraiture, Women

Retro @ Metro

Photographer: Matthew Doueal ([ig_link]matthew_doueal[/ig_link], matthewdoueal.photograph/)
Models: Willow Casswell-Clarkson ([ig_link]wcasswellphotos[/ig_link]) of Rebel Rebel Talent
Model: Tabetha Taifalos-Ross ([ig_link]youre_a_wizard_tabetha[/ig_link])

“‘Retro @ Metro’ is a 70s/80s-inspired shoot shot on different film stock at a building in Brisbane City called Metro Arts. The Film used was Cinestill 800t, Kodak Gold and Kodak Portra 400. The Build is Heritage-listed which gave it this vibe we where going for.'”