35mm, Men, Portraiture

Black Boy!

Writer & Creative Director – Q’ayyim Mckoy (https://instagram.com/qmckoy)
Development Consultant – Piera Moore (https://instagram.com/slumpiera)
Photographer – Chinedu Nwakudu (https://instagram.com/dumoarles)
Models – Jamael Shotomide (https://instagram.com/pleas6_mael) & Dauda Jusu (https://instagram.com/dauda_j)
Editor – Dope Overdose Studios (https://instagram.com/overdozstudios)

Black Boy! is about a jolly but very conscious black boy who is unfortunately born into a cynical and corrupt world. His ways to survive is deemed hopeless but he remains faithful. With all the chaos that swarms him, his morals are challenged with every step he takes to become free.

Black Boy! is a tribute to my late and great, godbrother. His transition from this sometimes unbearable world was ironically concurrent to me creating this relatable story about brotherhood, lost, and the pursuit of tranquility. Black Boy! is the love letter that I will be honored to give him one day. Love you always and we will be reunited once again.” — Q’ayyim Mckoy