Color, fashion, Portraiture, Women

Pink Virgin Sundae

Photographer and Stylist: Lulu Frances (, Tumblr)
Model: Emily Jayne

From Lulu:

I was on holiday in Hungary when I decided to have an impromptu editorial-esque shoot with my beautiful little sister that would depict her as awesome and strong pink ice cream clown queen, reminiscent of depictions of the Virgin Mary in old renaissance paintings.

Pink Virgin Sundae was born.

Since my grandmother is from Hungary and we visit the tiny village she grew up in with her 13 siblings every summer, I knew I wanted to incorporate typical locations and styling devices.

The curtain is from our summer home and the vintage blouse belongs to one of my grandmother’s sisters. The pink socks belong to another sister of mine who uses them for riding her cross bike through the dusty streets with our dad.