35mm, Black and White, Film, Street Photography

Days Without End

Photographer: Levi Eddie Aluede — https://instagram.com/levisnafu, portfoliolevi.tumblr.com

“The entire set is made up of candid street photography, shot in South London on the Canon Rebel EOS300 – 35mm Kodak 200 film. Developed in Covent Garden with minimal editing.

I’m a filmmaker and journalist, with photography, you can capture a feeling — even a lie of sorts if you can relate it to other images well and in an interesting way — capturing similar emotions and the environment around that. It’s not happy to me, it’s just endless — those images of trainers or a church, they signify that time. It’s presence in London and how it can be daunting for small moments we find.

Much of my photography is inspired by Daido Moriyama, Alex Webb, Diane Arbus and Roger Deakins — for me black and white photography is pure — it’s an effect that focuses on the image and it’s composition. It’s an instant transaction.

Putting this together felt like making an album of music, putting the tracks in order — except with photos — for maximum storytelling and effect.”