35mm, Color, NSFW, Portraiture, Women

Laia en colors

Photographer: Teresa Marinho (https://instagram.com/teresatmarinho)
Model: Laia

From Teresa:
I had been trying to get Laia in front of my camera for months. When finally we saw each other bored as hell, as all of our friends in common were attending some kind of surf festival, I dragged her into my flat in the heart of the Gothic neighbourhood of Barcelona and we started looking for a cool place to shoot. She brought only what she told me it was her favourite button down shirt, I grabbed my Canon AE-1 and a Kodak Ektar 100 and we headed to the roof. It was a really shinny day with the perfect amount of sun light and I got super excited to start shooting, while Laia was picking on the neighbours and realising what crazy views we had from there. This set is the result of perfect sun light hitting Laia’s beautiful body on a typical Barcelona terrace.