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My Journey

Lovely photographs by photographer Alex Chañi Granados of model Fran Camarena wearing clothes by Alex Pacotaype.

In this sequence of photos, which takes the symbolism of a journey, you can see yourself or
anyone, because we are all in a process of change. A piece that tries to transmit optimism from
melancholy. To become art through our own problems. Acknowledge ourselves and allow ourselves to evolve. Sometimes we are invisible on the outside, sometimes we are the center of attention. Whatever the situation recognize yourself to grow and be a little bigger than yesterday. Not for others, but for you.

The clothes that were used are from emerging designer Alex Pacotaype, who focuses on themes that make us imperfect, creating pieces that go beyond beauty or perfect.

Photographer: Alex Chañi Granados —

Model: Fran Camarena — https:/

Stylist/Fashion Designer: Alex Pacotaype —