Color, fashion, Portraiture

The Book of HA.MÜ

Photographer: Wilmark Jolindon (
Designers: HA.MÜ ( by Abraham Guardian ( and Mamuro Oki (
Makeup: Jia Achacruz ( and Janell Capuchino (
Hair: Mycke Arcano (
Accessories: Jae Nelle Rabe (
Shoot Assistant: Dennis Sulit (

The Book of HA.MÜ is a compilation of works that we have done over the past two years for both school assignments and also fashion shows that we participated in. The garments we worked on all have different stories and vibes that it gives off. However, it all has one similar feel to it. Every single piece that we have worked on was done based on experimentation while sticking to the idea that fashion has no boundaries when it comes to gender. We featured pieces that ranges from our Ready to Wear pieces to our Experimental Avant Garde pieces that we have worked on previously.

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