Magazines for Photography

A Resource for Photographers That Want to Submit Their Work

Here is a list of online photography magazines that we at Fuzz Magazine like. Each has its own taste and flavor. Depending on what you like, you will find some good photos. And, if you are a photographer always looking for more online magazines that accept submissions, then you may find a magazine or two in this list to submit your photographs to. If you know of others that we should check out, please let us know! Although guidelines vary from zine to zine, we at Fuzz advocate submitting only exclusive (unpublished) material to magazines. Be sure to check details at each site for specific submission guidelines.

Alter/Analog —
Another Love —
Art About —
Artells —
Atto Magazine —
Beneath Your Beautiful —
Cultartes —
Divina Magazine —
Film Without Frontiers —
Fluffer —
For the Wolves —
Fuzz Magazine —
Grunge and Art —
Han Han —
Kodd —
Kompromise Magazine —
Love and Mercy —
Love of Portraits —
Momo —
Nagu —
Nart Magazine —
Nasty Magazine —
Now Developing —
Off the Rails —
OnlyChild —
OnFilm —
Pellicola —
Philocaly —
Prolific Quarterly —
Raamat Magazine —
Rekt Magazine —
Redne —
Shoot It With Film —
Some —
Something Different —
Sticks and Stones Agency —
Traaaw —
Uncertain —
When With You —
Wül —
Yogurt —

We’d love to see this list grow. We’re hoping that it’s a valuable resource to photographers, models, other creatives, and other magazines. Sadly, some magazines that we loved are no longer available — old friends like Toasted, Junnnktank, NIF, LinkLens, BeAnalogic, Dark Snow, Photo/Foto, Erotic Photo Factory, For Love and Glory, and RGSP. But we hope others pop up to fill the void. There can’t be too many zines dedicated to sharing creative photography. Do you know of any other online magazines like these that accept submissions? Please let us know!

Anna Lisa Wagner - Photographer - Magazines - Fuzz Magazine
Anna Lisa Wagner by Zeno Gill

Defunct Magazines

We’re sad that these friends have vanished.

Air —
Alufem —
Apple Pie —
B-Authentique —
Dark Snow
Emotional Alchemy Magazine —
Kansha —
Last Daze
LinkLens —
Mimic —
Mode Editorials
Mola Magazine
Moodboards Magazine
Musashi —
NIF Magazine
Nuexpo —
Nyla —
Photo/Foto Magazine
PneuMag —
Toksick Magazine