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Photographer Yannick Bedard Explores His Nostalgia for the Nineties

Photographer: Yannick Bedard (IG: @sadlythatsjustthewaythingsare)
Model: Emilie (IG: @emz_____________)

From Yannick:

I am a 90s kid and I am inspired by the 90s. I think it was the best period of time, everything was simpler. It was a time where everyone enjoyed doing things, going outside. I believe we now live in an individualist society where everything we do is for acceptance of others. What really matters to me is self acceptance and not the opposite. Every artistic project I do comes from my heart and from an eutopic idea that life shouldnt be lived on fast foward. Photos were taken in an old sports complex, near a school. I wanted to include an enviromment that would remind me of when I was a kid and used to go to school and play sports. We are so busy growing up we often forget we once were a kid. Some of us still are and some others are forgetting their youth.