Color, Portraiture, Women

The Woman Is Eve

Photographer: Julia Hovve (,
Model: Camilla Mason (
Designer: All Pieces by UY Studio (,
Makeup: Kristina Gedris (,

From Julia:

An editorial collaboration with Berlin-based designer UY, this work was about looking into the female and oppositional consciousness. A study into how women look at themselves and are looked at. The fear of female strength has been present since the dawn of time. Through religious texts, to witch trials and movies, the woman is repeatedly depicted as a deviant force. A dangerous being that wiles, manipulates, poisons. The woman is power. The woman is Eve.

Over and over. Your words.
In mirrors and movies. A wish for once mores. Obedience. A different shape each decade. No more. Building boys into creations. Demi Gods. Heracles. Another false idol. Ready to emerge in shards. Waiting like a fish; in depths. To catch your hook. To pull you in. To drown you too. Behind the siren front I cling to.