Portraiture, Women

Fading Light


Elusive illusions reflect bright lights
Stagnant minds create false sights
Panic aligns this confronting night
I’m fighting back myself to hold back the fright

Silvery days were wasted in spades
Losing my time while keeping my shade
Needing to change, I leap barricades
Commanding this life before it cascades

There’s a vision i found, A vision of me
Something I’d like,someone to be
Starting anew, no longer carefree
Rotating inside, creating the key

Taking the steps to correct the effect
Establish myself, Marching direct
Learning peace through introspect
Keep the best of me for self respect

Photographer: Matthew Doueal —[ig_link]matthew_doueal[/ig_link]
Model: Lara Pietzsch — [ig_link]pietzschpietzsch[/ig_link]
Poet: Kaio Clark